Aims and Objectives - Who we are and why you should be involved

The aim of the IS3NA is to capitalize on the knowledge of practicing members across several disciplines to understand the impact of nucleic acids in a plethora of cutting edge scientific questions ranging from the origins of life to the development of novel therapeutics.

To coordinate and sponsor meetings and to promote publications.

To provide means for the dissemination of knowledge dealing with current research.

To act as a mediator for communication, cooperation and understanding between scientists of all nationalities.

To provide information about and to stimulate interest in the above-mentioned areas among persons of all nationalities.

To encourage the study of the above-mentioned areas in institutions of higher education and to improve the quality of teaching of these topics.

To encourage national and international collaborations on research and application among academic, industrial, governmental and private institutional organizations.

To encourage the rapid dissemination of your just published work to all IS3NA members.

To provide a means to effectively communicate with your peers and request information about techniques, reagents, job openings, etc.

To have the ability to check suppliers about specific reagents, procedures, etc.